If you’re always on the hunt for new, refreshing skin treatment methods, the word ‘microneedling’ must not be new for you. However, being a fresh new perspective towards skincare and beauty, micro-needling still needs to work hard to become a household term. But till it doesn’t, we are here answering some of your frequently asked microneedling courses for you!

How does this procedure work?

The procedure begins with some thorough cleaning which is usually done using a collagen stimulant or vitamin c serum. Once the skin is cleaned (and numbed), a microneedling pen with 12 tiny, fine needles is used to create minuscule puncture wounds in the skin. You can adjust the speed of the needle for more effective piercing. Once this is done, a hyaluronic or vitamin C serum is used to hydrate and heal the tiny wounds. In this process, the wounds only break through the topmost layer of the skin thereby stimulating production of collagen and elastin fibres that give your skin a naturally youthful, plump, and smooth texture.

What changes can I expect after this treatment?

Initially for the first few days, you may experience redness and mild swelling (think of a mild to medium sunburn). Some people experience pinpoint bleeding or slight bruising too! However, the results will start showing within 48 hours or so. Full recovery may take up to a month.

Is there any special post-procedure skincare routine I should follow?

Infection prevention is the only thing you need to keep in mind. While the wound heals itself, make sure to protect your skin from direct sunlight exposure or harsh chemicals. Avoid OTCs and chemical products and go for a natural (and gentle) cleanser.

Are there any side-effects to this treatment?

There’s no gain without pain and that’s the first thing we were told in our micro-needling courses in Melbourne. While this procedure will leave your skin looking flawless, you may feel some mild side-effects of this procedure on the initial days. This is limited to dryness, redness, scaling or swelling. This is mostly normal in such cases.

Microneedling Courses in Melbourne

If you find advanced skin treatment intriguing and can’t wait to explore the benefits of micro-needling, we suggest signing up for one of our extensive microneedling courses where we open a whole new world of skincare along with the nitty-gritty of this procedure to help you master this healing art form. But wait, that’s not all- apart from microneedling you can even try out some of our other beauty and aesthetics training like Microdermabrasion, plasma, and LED online courses.