Scalp Rejuvenation

What is Scalp Rejuvenation?

Self-care is not self-care without haircare! And while we have masks and 1-minute treatments for our tips and roots, we often forget to give the same attention to our scalp – if that hits home, keep reading because you might just need some scalp rejuvenation.

What Is It & How It's Done

Scalp rejuvenation is a process that helps your scalp produce more collagen to aid better hair growth. These treatments help repair damaged skin cells that usually cause balding, hair thinning, regression, scalp dryness, and more. You can rejuvenate your scalp through microneedling, microchanneling, and even Cell hair regrowth. Microneedling makes use of a skin roller that you roll on top of your scalp. Doing this pokes micro wounds or holes on your skin which is meant to help hair regrowth by triggering the regeneration of hair follicles. Another option you can look into is microchanneling.

Microchanneling is a 20-30 minute process that is done quite similarly to microneedling except with a bigger hand-help device and is better known for promoting scalp absorption making it a lot easier to absorb topical serums.

But regardless of which process you opt for, the goal remains the same to bring out a more vibrant and youthful you!

What to look forward to