Hair Removal

What is Hair Removal?

There is nothing wrong with body hair, but should you personally feel you want it gone, laser hair removal can make that happen! Having your body hair removed by laser can be such a freeing decision. Especially if it means ditching that razor, that monthly waxing session, or even those razor bumps or breakouts that come with removing your body hair every so often.

What Is It & How It's Done

Laser hair removal is done by both men and women commonly done on the armpits, back area, bikini area, chest, upper lip, legs, and even on the neck and shoulders! While there are a handful of different options, the big idea of the treatments are quite similar. These treatments use pulsating light-based technologies such as IPL (Intense Pulse Laser), Diode Laser, Ruby Laser, and the Alexandrite Laser, which flashes laser onto the follicles of the unwanted hair. Through this light, the melanin in the hair follicles are affected and therefore destroyed – which halts its growth.

Laser hair removal treatment is non-invasive and long-lasting. To see the full results, most people need to go through about 6 sessions on the same body part. Some people take more sessions depending on the thickness of hair growth

But regardless of which process you opt for, the goal remains the same to bring out a more vibrant and youthful you!

What to look forward to


You might notice a bit of redness and discomfort after the procedure, if that happens you can just apply ice to the treated area. Your doctor will usually tell you to apply a topical cream to soothe it and will remind you to avoid waxing and plucking as you go through your session.