Key New Features

  • Pain-free & No Downtime
  • High Intensity Electromagnetic Muscle Stimulation
  • Results within 4 Treatments
  • 4 Treatment Hand pieces (Additional Pelvic Floor Hand piece Optional)
  • User Friendly, LCD Interface
  • 6 year warranty


The Sculpt X Plus is a high-intensity, electric muscle stimulation (EMS) body contouring device. The Sculpt X Plus offers a comprehensive approach to body sculpting, targeting multiple muscle groups simultaneously to enhance muscle tone, definition, and strength. The result is a more contoured, sculpted physique with improved muscle definition and tone.

This non-invasive, innovative technology works by selectively and vigorously contracting targeted muscle areas on the body to create a more sculpted and toned appearance. According to EMS studies, high-intensity EMS can help reduce body fat by up to 19% and increase muscle ratio by up to 16%. Additionally, It can also help improve the metabolic rate of the body.

With customisable treatment programs and intensity levels, the Sculpt X Plus allows tailored treatments to meet the unique needs of each client. Whether clients are looking to enhance their athletic performance, sculpt their physique, or improve muscle tone, the Sculpt X Plus will deliver exceptional results.

Experience the future of body contouring with the Scuplt X Plus and take the clinic’s offerings to the next level. Elevate clients’ experience and help them achieve their body goals with the new high-intensity EMS technology.

Sculpt x is a unique and highly effective treatment for fat loss and muscle growth. Sculpt x uses targeted electromagnetic pulses of great intensity to produce thousands of intense muscle contractions. This is essential for enhancing total muscle strength and toning.

Sculpt x uses targeted electromagnetic pulses of great intensity. Only one Sculpt X session produces thousands of intense muscle contractions, which are essential for enhancing total muscle strength and toning for better health. *With the exception of the face and chest, Sculpt X may treat any area of the body. Sculpt X is a comprehensive approach to fat loss and muscle growth.

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