Key New Features

  • Detects Over 15 Skin Types
  • 9 Second Processing Time
  • Import All Products and Services
  • Prediction Technology
  • Moisture and Hydration Measuring Tool
  • Print Or Email Reporting
  • 5 Different Spectrums
  • 8k Camera
  • IOS Compatible
  • 6 year warranty


Introducing the Scan X, a sophisticated professional skin analysing and prediction device that sets a new standard in skincare analysis. The Scan X comes pre-set to detect over 15 different skin conditions and can analyse the skin of up to 5 different spectrums, including polarised, cross-polarised, daylight, UV and RGB. Furthermore, the Scan X also comes equipped to measure the moisture and elasticity levels on the skin to provide even more comprehensive and accurate skin assessments.

Scan X features a rapid 9-second processing time, allowing for quick and efficient analysis of the skin plus product and treatment service recommendations. Compatible with iOS software, this device enables seamless integration with Apple’s existing systems. Scan X goes beyond basic analysis by offering the ability to compare dates and predict future skin conditions, providing valuable insights for personalised skincare routines.

With the ability to import your clinic’s products and existing services at ease, and generate email-ready or printable reports, Scan X makes it easy to recommend products, and services, as well as share results with clients and track progress over time. Elevate your skincare practice with Scan X and offer clients the most advanced, sophisticated, and personalised skincare analysis available.

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