Key New Features

1. Non-Ablative laser with No Downtime
2. Quick treatment times and long-Lasting results
3. Easy to use (user friendly interface)


Renuva® is a new generation fractional non-ablative erbium fibre laser with a wavelength of 1550nm and optical scan tracing technology ideal for dermatologists and beauticians alike. Renuva® causes only minor heat injury to tissue, with no ablation or vaporisation. During therapy, the epidermis remains intact.

The device comes with five different applicators for customised treatment. Two patent scan tracing points are employed for a quick and effective skin resurfacing treatment. Female patients are more accepting of the specialised fractional tip for hair regeneration. The other two fractional tips treat small areas such as the eyes or large areas such as the cheeks.

Photodamage, rhytides, skin texture, and scarring have improved significantly as the number of Renuva® treatments has increased.

Renuva can use the Croyshot as an additional cooling system.

Renuva is a great option for individuals seeking a new fractional laser that offers individualised treatments. This device is both safe and effective, and it has been demonstrated to alleviate a variety of skin conditions considerably. This procedure is very effective for skin rejuvenation, wrinkle reduction, scar therapy, Vergeture healing (Stretch Marks), dark circles, melasma, and hair regrowth.

The Renuva® laser system non-ablative laser produces little thermal damage without causing ablation or vaporisation of tissue. The epidermis remains intact during treatment. The normal cell repairs the epidermal cell rapidly. Meanwhile, the collagen is stimulated to regeneration. No downtime and reduce the risk of infection after treatment.

The epidermal cell is swiftly repaired by the normal cell, while collagen is stimulated to regenerate. There is no downtime, and the danger of infection following treatment is reduced. It means a faster, safer, and more comfortable treatment with fewer side effects for the patient.

Collagen contraction and neocollagenesis occur due to the heated tissue underneath the skin’s surface (the production of new collagen). This tightens the skin instantly and continues for several months, resulting in long-term dermal remodelling and better skin tone and texture.

The Renuva laser systems employ a unique algorithm that adjusts the laser parameters automatically during therapy to achieve the best possible results. As a result, the tissue is heated uniformly and consistently, yielding more predictable and reliable results.

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