Key New Features

  • Portable, Ergonomic Hand-Held Device
  • 3 Treatment Tip options (Ablative & Non-Ablative)
  • Adjustable Power & Runtime
  • Low Treatment Cost
  • 4 Year Warranty


The Plamere represents a ground-breaking advancement in aesthetic procedures, utilising plasma technology-the fourth state of matter. The Plamere features a small metal probe that, when exposed to atmospheric gas, generates a plasma flash between the tip and skin (almost like how lightning is generated), creating a controlled injury that then stimulates the wound healing response and accelerates over time. This process induces skin tightening and lifting, with noticeable results often seen after just one session. As the skin produces new collagen and elastin, the tightening effect continues to improve over the following 3 months.

This procedure is groundbreaking for its ability to offer a non-invasive substitute to surgical methods, delivering comparable outcomes at a significantly lower expense and with reduced recovery time compared to surgical interventions. Plasma Fibroblast treatments apply to diverse skin regions, spanning from skin tags plus facial zones and drooping eyelids to various areas on the body and hands. A common treatment offering that Plamere is popular for is non-surgical blepharoplasty.

The Plamere™ plasma device creates genuine plasma output not an electrical current. This plasma arc permits precise ‘soft surgery’ such as skin tag and mole removal as well as effective non-surgical blepharoplasty (eye lid correction) and other treatments using sublimation, fulguration and electrocoagulation. The device provides safe acne treatments using a plasma ring with a disposable patch. Plasma lifting utilises a 500Hz modulated frequency which is specialised for deep wrinkles treatment. Additionally the device has permeating and fractional tips which allow treatment to boost the transdermal absorption of cosmetics.

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