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Most people have a few stubborn complexion issues standing between them and perfect skin. Uneven texture, signs of aging, and skin laxity are among some of the most common concerns. Thankfully, effective Skin Rejuvenation treatments like CO2 Fire-Xel can dramatically improve almost any issue, putting great skin within reach.CO2 treatments are the gold standard when it comes to skin resurfacing. This technology has been around for decades, though it has evolved to be far more tolerable and safer than it once was. Typically, patients only need one treatment to see excellent results.
CO2 Fire-Xel is a fractional carbon dioxide laser resurfacing system. The device works by emitting CO2 energy in the form of tiny beams. This energy reaches your face, where it can effectively penetrate the deeper layers of your skin. The neck, chest and hands are also commonly treated. When the light reaches the treatment area, it injures small areas of old, damaged skin. Then, your skin responds by creating new, vibrant cells. The heat of the treatment also helps to stimulate collagen production, an essential component of youthful skin.

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