Key New Features

1.Gold Coated Needles( Insulated & Non Insulated)

2. High-Speed repetition


Radio Frequency(RF) is by electromagnetic waves of wavelength 1m m~100km, frequency 3KHz~300GHz, Microneedle RF can selectively transmit energy to the dermis by Radio frequency(RF) high frequency through microneedle. The electrical energy of the RF is converted into thermal energy and transferred to the dermis through the needle to induce dermal coagulation, which is excellent for skin regeneration. Also, you control the treatment depth and energy levels to enable a multi-layered approach for customised treatments, regardless of skin type, it is not affected by the amount of chromophore.

An ensemble is an Microneedle RF device combining two methods of Micro needling technology and Radio frequency. A specially marked microneedle is inserted into the dermal layer to transmit radio frequency energy of bipolar type. The heat from this energy causes the coagulation mechanism and the collagen is regenerated in the dermis layer, which is effective in improving skin elasticity, wrinkles and acne. It is possible to make various choices by using three needles which are composed of insulated and non-insulated, opaque tips that can relieve a patient’s anxiety during the procedure. Also, the maximum depth can be up to 4.5mm, so energy can be transferred to the deep part, and name errors can be prevented with electronic charts.

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