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Intelligent detection of treatment progress

Simple Operation, Easy Treatment

Automatically adjustment, supplying the best
and comfortable experience for customers

Clean And Hygienic

Applicator head replaceable design

RF+Infrared Technology

High-power RF150W、40.68MHz

Deep and shallow layers are heated at the same time, which is more
conducive to the diffusion of heat to the subcutaneous fat layer.

Intelligent Temperature Monitoring System

Automatically recognises the treatment endpoint,
monitors temperature changes in real time,
and effectively protects the skin

Ultra Silent Design

Feel the details through heart

The Ultra silent system of Weshape improve user comfort,
easy to do the body shaping care.


Intelligent vacuum control system

Real-time control system based on PID algorithm / excellent dynamic adjustment function can quickly reach the expected setting,and the customera experience is perfect. The effect is better than the hand massage form

Human-Machine Interaction

Use Android smart operating system

Double Filtration System

Double filtration system of applicator and
pipeline to prevent air passage blockage

Effectively filter out external excess essential oils and impurities in the air, to protect
internal components effectively and stabilise the machine for a long time.

CAN Bus Technology

Multiple intelligence control methods

CAN bus technology applied in the automotive field and industrial Field can maintain high-speed and high-stability data transmission Even under 40.68MHZ radio frequency interference, achieving multiple intelligent control modes.

SMC solenoid valve

High speed, long life, no noise

Japan ULVAC air pump

Mute design, low vibration


Imported from Japan


High power, long life

Applicator button

During treatment could adjust the
parameters depending on customers’ situation

Light weight

Big applicator weight is only950g
Small applicator weight is only350g
Reducing operator's hand pressure

What is the WeShape device?

Overweight and obesity are increasingly common condition. In Australian at least two thirds (67.0%) of Australian adults population are overweight or obese. Obesity is a very serious medical condition and requires an effective solution to this problem. Obesity can cause serious complications like heart diseases, high blood pressure, cancer, etc. People spend a lot of money on varies diet programs and treatments with little to no effect at all. So we are introducing a body contouring device that will help you reduce your weight and get a healthy body without spending too much time and effort. It is a device that is used to reduce weight and improve skin texture and structure. This magic treatment will work on your skin.

Benefits of WeShape device

So you must be wondering why you need this treatment if you can go for other options. There are many benefit to this treatment it provides weight loss, which helps with confidence and improves mental health. Let us have a look at some of the key benefits of this treatment.
  • It is the perfect body shaping method that gives you beautiful shape and structure.
  • It reduces the circumference of the skin and improves the cellulite.
  • It is a fat reduction process that helps you reduce fat and gives you a beautiful body.
  • Esthetica Academy provides you the best device to reduce your weight easily and with no pain.
  • It acts like a skin firming device that helps prevent sagging and improve the sagging skin, making it tight and beautiful.
  • This treatment is very safe and effective. There are no side effects of this treatment.
  • This device helps you to stop building fat, and automatically, it will start reducing weight.
  • Also, this gives you more energy and stamina to work more effectively.
  • This product is very clean and hygienic.
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