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Skin Analyser

  • 5 Different spectra technique
  • 9 kind of skin symptom anlysis in image
  • 5-7 years prediction
  • 15 Major skin types analysis

The Best Skin Firming Techniques to Get Rid of Saggy Skin
The Best Skin Firming Techniques to Get Rid of Saggy Skin

Hardware Advantages

  • *japanese imported with 16 uv light source
  • *Layout design of expert lightsource of chinese academy of sciences The facial light source cover 95%
  • *International standard factory production

Software Advantages

  • Visual data analysis
  • Related product recommendation
  • Online Product report query
  • Customer information Management
  • Unlimited cloud storage
  • High-level UI interact design
  • Our team quickly response to the market & software iteration is rapid
  • 10’s operating system with advanced stability

The Best Skin Firming Techniques to Get Rid of Saggy Skin


  • *9 seconds expert group diagnosis
  • Exclusive R & D team, rapid iteration
  • Expert group algorithm analysis
  • Al Self-learning, exponential improvement
  • 5 million sets of situationla skin case library
  • Reappearance of the whole process of similar cases
  • Expert case analysis

Detection Function

The Best Skin Firming Techniques to Get Rid of Saggy Skin

Take down the deep-lying causes of skin issues and get your lost charisma back, with Esthetica Academy. When it comes to skincare, you can leave no stone unturned. Scan X is one of the best skin analysis machines that helps you dig deeper into the layers of your skin
(figuratively) without any intrusion or side effects.

This skin analyzer for sale helps us customise the skincare for you. The best part is, there is no downtime! Get a phenomenal scanning of your skin, at unbelievable prices. Take part in the process and experience the change yourself.


Your skin takes on everything the world has to throw at it. The dirt, the sun, the rain, and the chemicals in the air and the household products. Many factors chip away at the health of your skin.

  • Gender and age
  • Skin tone
  • Allergic reactions caused by cosmetics
  • Negligible or ineffective skincare
  • Environment- Ultraviolet rays, pollution, intense temperatures etc.
  • Side effects from prescriptions and general medications
  • Exposure to environmental factors such as UV rays and extreme temperatures
  • Pregnancy, puberty, smoking, unbalanced diet, reduced hours of sleep, and stress


Before you can properly treat your skin, an in-depth examination of its condition is an important first step.

Skin Analysis technology has turned the world of skin diagnostics upside down.

It unveils the secrets buried deep under your skin’s surface in a way you can see with your own eyes. Skin Analysis lets you understand the inner workings of our skin and the hidden ways in which it is affected. In the long run, this helps you eradicate several problems from the core and
get rid of recurring blemishes. Not only does your skin’s health improve, but also your confidence.

Caring for the largest organ in the human body is not easy. To figure out what is affecting it, even more. But no more fretting! Esthetica Academy makes it look way easy, bringing the Best Skin Analysis Machine to your service. You get a descriptive skin report, we get the clarity to create an action plan for healthier, prettier skin.


Technology always serves to ease human efforts and make their lives easy. Here are some more benefits of a skin analysing device:


Scan X is a lightweight and easy-to-carry assortment that can be taken to multiple clients’ work and homes. Move about and around the room to get the perfect camera angle for better results. Serve your patients on the go, only with Esthetica Academy’s new Skin Analyzer.

In the post-pandemic era, people have gotten used to at-home services due to several lockdown conditions. Scan X fits the role perfectly. Take it wherever you want and get an amazing analysis every time. Not only does it make you efficient, but also your customers comfortable.


For many, it takes a visual stimulus to convince them of anything. The same goes for their skin. Despite an expert’s warning of the many signs of skin deterioration, they only believe what they see. Dry Skin, oily skin, whatever the warning may be, they choose to take it seriously going by how the skin looks.

A skin analyzer solves this problem easily!

That’s right! Skin Analysing Devices present distinct photographs of your skin that show the total hidden damage not usually visible. These pictures are taken with modern camera technology that examines both lower and upper skin layers. It is so elaborate and advanced, no wonder they call it an ‘experience’!

A Skin Analyser curates the photographs based on your skin’s intrinsic oil spread or dispersion, bacterial action, sun damage, vascular sensitivities, levels of hydration, collagen and elastin, and skin surface condition. The report created is a visual tour of what transpires in different levels of your skin, and how! This is a great tool to highlight and isolate the pain points and their root causes. It also helps the system devise a customized regime for your treatment and self-care according to your skin. Now they can see more, understand more, and choose better.


This new exploratory technique has opened doors for new research in skin treatments and diagnosis. It allows us to figure out more comprehensive and effective methods to treat the different problems that your skin may have simultaneously. This skin analyzing device lets you clearly see the type and magnitude of the damage.

We keep up with the reports and offer quality skincare services to enhance the health and benefit of your skin. Get the best treatment plan from Scan X Skin Analyzer for sale, only at Esthetica Academy. We are committed to providing you with the best and most diversified range of health, beauty and skincare services at amazing prices. Visit us today.

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