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Skin Analyser

scan-x Skin Analyser
scan-x Skin Analyser

Hardware Advantages

Software Advantages

scan-x Skin Analyser


Detection Function

scan-x Skin Analyser

Procure our skin analyser with five different Spectra techniques.

Our skin analyser named Scan X has various advantages. It can analyse nine kinds of skin symptoms in the image. Moreover, the prediction time is from 5 to 7 years. Apart from the five different spectral techniques of the skin analysing device, it analyses 15 significant types of skins.

Reap the hardware and software advantages of Scan X.

This scan X has many hardware advantages as well. It is a Japanese imported analyser with observe 520p and 16 UV light source.Apart from this, the analyser is produced in an international standard factory setting. Facial light source proffered by it is 95%. The software of the analyser performs expert data analysis and online product report query. It has unlimited cloud storage and proffers great UI to the users. Moreover, our team aligns with the dynamic trends of the market and responds to new developments of the software. The software iteration is rapid, and it is more stable than other devices. Moreover, the software is integrated with customer information management as well.

The algorithm of the device integrates expert group algorithm analysis and group diagnosis of nine seconds. There is an exponential improvement at AI Self-learning, along with five million sets of skin case library. The product has expert case analysis and detection functions as well. There is an exclusive R & D team, and the reappearance of the whole process of similar cases are displayed.