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Lumina LED PDT Device


The Lumina LED is a photodynamic therapy device with blue, red, infrared, yellow, green and combined LED colours. It is suitable for acne treatment, eliminating inflammation and promoting skin wound healing. The high-power LED radiation source is delivered in a dense matrix array in order for higher intensity and more uniform speckles. Based on an aerodynamic design, the Lumina LED combined with super-thermal conductive materials ensures safe, reliable and stable use.



Modules Light Effect
For wrinkles Red light Fully absorbed by fibre cells to promote cell growth; stimulates cells to produce collagen. Thickens and restructures the dermis structure, smooths and increases the elasticity of the skin.
brightening light Completely absorbed by fibre cells to promote cell growth, decomposes brightening.
For acne-prone skin Blue light within skins surface.


Serial Description Ultra –ReGen S
1 Size of treatment panel head (kg) 565 x 296 x 37
2 Weight of treatment head (kg) 5.15
3 Effect irradiation area (cm2) 850
4 Number of LED 1840 (high power LED)
5 Voltage (VA) 500
6 Format of LED SMD
7 Light source Single 2/3 colour lights in one head
8 Working mode Time, dose
9 Intensity calibration system Yes
All red 90
All blue 75
All yellow 55
All green 80
All infrared 100
Red 40
Red + Blue Blue 50
Red + Blue 90
Red 40
Red + Yellow Yellow 20
Red + Yellow 60
Effect Red 40
10 Intensity Red + Infrared Infrared 50
(mW/cm) Red + Infrared 90
Yellow 20
Yellow + Infrared 50
Infrared Yellow + Infrared 70
Yellow 20
Yellow + Green Green 40
Yellow + Green 60
Red 27
Red + Blue + Blue 33
Yellow Yellow 15
Red + Blue + Yellow 75


Training is provided by Esthetica Academy for a first-class education and learning experience. Training covers all the science behind the technology and hands-on practical training on models or staff. Training also covers the consultation process and contraindications of treatments. You will be issued with a certificate of competency on completion of the training program.


Ongoing clinical support is available via phone and e-mail. Resources including treatment protocols, pre and post care information as well as consultation and consent forms are provided. Ongoing marketing support is also available via phone and e-mail. Marketing resources are provided for promoting your new services. Local engineers are available in your state and via phone if support is needed for your device.


Easy finance options are available. Payment can be made in full, via bank transfer or via credit card (all major credit cards accepted). The device comes with 12 months’ extendable warranty. The device will be delivered within 21 business days after payment has been settled. Special arrangements can be made to expedite delivery if necessary.
Lumina LED PDT Device