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LED Teeth Whitening

For everlasting smiles that shine bright

LED Teeth Whitening

Your confidence lies within your pearly white dazzling smile! Walk into a room and smile bright and you’ll feel the power of a well-groomed smile working wonders for you!

However, in a world of strong morning coffees, quick brunch desserts, and evening smokes and date night wines- can we really afford to keep our pearly whites as white as they used to be?

We say, WHY NOT?

With time, you may have noticed your once perfectly white set of teeth fading, dulling, or worse staining! While we want you to know this is absolutely normal for busy bees like us in today’s world, you don’t have to hide your radiant smile for long! 

Esthetica Academy is proud to introduce M-88 LED Teeth Whitening System! A brand new initiative that restores the natural shine and healthy glow of your pearly whites without resorting to any harmful, enamel-depleting cosmetic treatments! 

Bring Back the ‘Spark’ In Your Sparkling Teeth with Us

There’s no better way to uplift your confidence and let your vibrant smile take over! 

LED Teeth Whitening- What is it?

One of the oldest forms of cosmetic dentistry, now found with a ‘new light’, LED Teeth Whitening is nothing like you imagine! Teeth Whitening is not the same as bleaching! While bleaching tends to use bleaches like hydrogen peroxide to give your teeth an unnaturally white shade, teeth whitening simply refers to the process of removing excess dirt and debris from your teeth to restore the natural whiteness of your teeth!

Breaking the common misconception, LED teeth whitening uses advanced technology backed by thorough supervision- all included in ONE painless and 100% effective procedure!

There’s No Bleaching. No Harmful After-effects. No Detrimental Tooth Damage.

Simply flawless, spotless white teeth!

LED Teeth Whitening

When Does Teeth Whitening Work?

To understand our teeth whitening process, we need to first start with the core problem- teeth staining! The grassroots causes for teeth staining can be many and they all lead to teeth discolouration which can be of two primary types- 

Extrinsic StainingIntrinsic Staining
These stains are typically caused by strong food or beverages that leave a layer on top of your teeth. While superficial stains can be simply cleaned by brushing daily, some stubborn surface level stains have to be subjected to cosmetic teeth whitening procedures.These stains occur in the interior of your teeth and are often caused by natural causes like ageing, trauma, exposure to chemicals or minerals for a prolonged period of time etc. Cosmetic Teeth whitening, in cases like these, are not recommended. You may have to opt for proper dental treatments.

ZERO Sensitivity. Zero Damage.

If you’ve been researching teeth whitening procedures for a while, by now you must be aware of how teeth sensitivity can be a major drawback to basic teeth whitening procedures! But what if we told you our advanced LED teeth whitening M-88 system is equipped to tackle your sensitivity issues too?

LED Teeth Whitening
LED Teeth Whitening

How Does That Work?

The M-88 model we use can help you deal with sensitivity and oral bacteria better! We have specialized settings customized specially to help tackle tooth sensitivity, during and post the procedure too! What’s more? The M-88 will tailor its tooth sensitivity mode based on the intensity or level of your tooth sensitivity! 

Equipped for The Best Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Experience

Be it our cutting-edge technology or our super-skilled cosmetic aestheticians, we are always equipped to make sure your cosmetic teeth whitening process is as effective as possible. However, teeth whitening is not for anyone and everyone! For instance, if you’re a new mommy-to-be, teeth whitening isn’t for you and the little bundle of joy growing inside you!

To understand the full scope of our teeth whitening services better, schedule a quick session with one of our aestheticians and together we can work towards a whiter, brighter, and better smile!