Intense Pulse Light and Laser Therapy are two of the most common treatments in a cosmetic practice today. In particular IPL therapy is used for treating skin pigmentation, acne and reducing ageing symptoms visibility. While laser treatments can be used for hair removal and a variety of skin conditions.

But before you begin using your equipment for these types of therapies it is best to get proper training in how to conduct these treatments and how to use the equipment and here’s why:

• Confidence in Technology

Being a practitioner means knowing that the technology is safe and that you are using it correctly. Additionally, it often requires you to calm down clients who have never undergone a cosmetic procedure before and by being confident in the procedure and the technology you will alleviate most of the nerves. Therefore, you should get training in your treatments and technology to be confident that you are providing the best IPL or Laser therapy to your clients.

• Safe and Effective Treatments

You do not only want to be sure that the technology works but that the treatments are safe and effective for use. IPL and Laser treatments often follow a comprehensive methodology to obtain the best results, thus you do not want to be left behind not knowing how to perform the treatments. At Esthetica all of our instructors are up to date on the latest and most effective ways to deliver IPL and Laser Treatments.

• Expectations vs Results

Both yourself and your client have expectations of how this therapy will go. As a certified laser or IPL therapist that has received training in how the technology works, you will be able to effectively communicate to the client what to expect and deliver the most similar results to their expectations. Therefore establishing or maintaining a good reputation within the industry.

• Duty of Care

One of the more critical points as a practitioner, you have a duty of care to not perform a treatment that you are not certified to do as there are many legal issues by doing so. Therefore if you do not know how to use the latest laser machine or you have never performed IPL skin rejuvenation before it is best to get training from the experts at Esthetica because we provide you with hands-on experience and great tips in how to handle the technology.

• To understand terminology and practices

Finally, it is best to receive training in laser and IPL therapies even if you aren’t performing them in your skin clinic because it will help you understand common skincare terminology and be able to assist with other practices.