At Esthetica Academy, we provide beautification and health services at very reasonable prices. In addition, we provide state of the art products to our clients and give comprehensive after-sales service and certified training to our customers.
One of the products we use for fat reduction is We shape.

This is a state of the art tool in the market that is used for Body Shaping today. It uses a combination of technologies toward that goal. We provide it to our clients at a very reasonable price and our after-sale service and provide certified training for the customers. This one product provides various services like skin tightening, fat reduction, improving skin structure, reducing stretch marks, and other things. You get all that from one product that we sell. We not only sell this, but we also provide certified professional training to our clients. They can then start to provide this service to their customers.

We have a lot of other products in our inventory that is possible to use for Fat Removal from the body safely and hygienically. We at Esthetica Academy specialise in such services. Alongside each of the products we sell, we also provide complete training for that product, and you get a certification for that afterwards so that you can go and start using it to provide service to others straight away.

In this day and age, when everyone wants to look their best at all times, the option of staying fit or working out is not for everyone.

We sell many other aesthetic technologies like teeth whitening machines, electronic muscle toning devices, various skincare equipment, etc. These are all top of the line products you can find in the market today. Go online to see our entire inventory and services we provide and also see the reviews left by satisfied customers. The goal of our academy is not only to sell this stuff but also to make sure that you learn their use and start incorporating them in your practice daily to benefit your customers. We also have a lot of financial programs available with us to help you pay for them in an easy pocket-friendly way. So do go online and see our services and products online.