At some point you will notice unwanted hair in your body regardless of your age or gender. It is the reason why people turn to light therapy and laser treatments.

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) and lasers have been widely used for hair removal for many years now.

However, many people still confuse these two light-based procedures. It is important to distinguish its difference before proceeding to your IPL and laser training.

We break down all the details to help you better understand the specifics of each technology.


Intense pulsed light is an innovation in aesthetics that produces very high intensity light. This light is delivered in a series of short pulses or simply one.

Xenon Flash Lamp is its energy source. IPL utilises a non-coherent, polychromatic light for its devices to penetrate several layers of the skin, while targeting multiple chromophores at the same time.

Modern IPL devices offer versatility because other than hair reduction, now it can also be used for:


A laser (light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation) device usually contains a sealed tube, a laser medium and a pair of mirrors.

It emits a coherent, monochromatic light with stimulated emission as its energy source.

The concentration of its light energy benefits specific treatments and is limited for others.

Laser light is often used to focus on one treatment as it is limited to one wavelength. Different types of lasers should be used to treat multiple skin conditions.

Treatment Duration

IPL emits wavelengths that are more scattered, leading to a less focused energy to target the follicle.

A laser uses a more selective approach with its singular light source, targeting the follicle directly.

The less focused IPL will require more follow up treatments.

Industry Regulation

IPL devices can be used by electrologists and estheticians. Meanwhile, the use of laser devices is strictly restricted to doctors in most countries.


IPL devices are less expensive compared to laser devices.

Pain Risk

Most people agree that IPL’s delay between each pulse offers better relief than laser treatments.

Find the Best Device for You

Shopping around for the best hair removal laser device for your business?

Not all technologies are the same and the efficacy of the procedure will often be based on its costing.

It is vital to have proper training to provide informed recommendations to your clients.

Establishing integrity from the get go is important since you will be handling aesthetic concerns.

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