In Australia, you can be a cosmetic practitioner from the comfort of your own home, with the flexibility to choose your own hours, choose how you work and support yourself at the same time. Being an at-home practitioner can sometimes be more beneficial as you get to know your clients on a more personal level and often have a higher referral rate. But the questions that scares everyone the most are; Where do I start and How do I Start my own Salon/Business?

At Esthetica we want your business to be as successful as possible and we understand that sometimes there may be confusion in where to start and how to get your business off the ground. So here are five things that you should keep in mind when starting out!

1. Make Decisions Before Opening

This seems rather simple but so many people forget about those important decisions before saying yes and opening a business that it can sometimes be detrimental to their success. Before opening and taking on your first client consider these things

• What Treatments? Will I just offer skincare? Will I offer Laser Therapy? Will I offer Hair Removal? Acne treatment?
It’s important to know what treatments you want to provide so that you can create a menu and be in control of your business.

• What should the prices be?

Once you have decided the treatments, you then need to consider prices. Look up competitors in the area, as well as local salons and price accordingly. Maybe even offer an introductory offer to attract some of your first clients.

• What equipment and products do I need? Where do I get it from?
Now you know what treatments it is time to decide what skincare products you are going to use, make sure to do some research on your local audience and decide on products that will most suit them. In terms of equipment, you should look no further then Esthetica, we have all of the latest laser and resurfacing technology available to purchase including technology that is perfect for at-home salons.

2. Get Training and Stay Qualified

One of the biggest blunders that a new at-home skin consultant or beauty therapist can do is not get training in a treatment they are offering or a new technology they are using. This jeopardises your business before it is even off the ground, particularly if you perform a treatment incorrectly on a client. Don’t stress though! Esthetica Academy has courses and certificates that you can undertake before opening your business or while you run your own home salon to make sure your skills are up to date and you know how to administer every treatment safely and effectively.

3. Build a Facebook Page and Website

Get online and let your clients find you!
Research suggests that customers actively search for local based service industry business that are new or have good reputations, so be both! Be the new beauty and skincare business that has the latest technology and the best reputation in your area. Facebook pages are a great way to show off your services and gain real reviews from clients that have appreciated your treatments.

Additionally, having a Facebook Page and eventually, a website means you don’t have to rely on word of mouth referrals and friends and family to get your business off the ground.

4. Make sure to be on top of legalities

This is the most forgotten about step but as a business owner, you need to make sure you are registered and have the financials to be a business. One of the most important steps involved in being an at-home cosmetic practitioner is that you need to register with your local council, who will then advise you on other registration you may need to complete before opening your business. Other legalities include:

• Potentially hiring an accountant to stay on top of financials
• Registering your business name with the ABN
• Reviewing your Insurance and adding to it
• Keeping up to date with government regulations and safety practices

5. Spread the Word

Your business is not going to take off by itself. Make sure to put in the effort and spread the word that you are going to be opening up a new home clinic. This can include:

• Having an introductory offer
• Flyering the neighbourhood (or using Facebook Ads)
• Attending beauty shows
• Having a local influencer promote you.

We hope this helps you start your own business and get it off the ground. If you have any more questions regarding the technology or course available at Esthetica Academy, get in contact by calling 0401 297 865.