Unwanted fat tends to be difficult to eliminate as we age. You may have exerted your maximum effort to diet and exercise but to no avail.

It may be time to consider asking help from beauty experts. The trusted specialists will introduce you to your options: fat freezing and body shaping.

Read on to learn what’s the best procedure for you.

Fat Freezing 101

Fat freezing, or Cryolipolysis, is a nonsurgical procedure that reduces fat deposits from specific areas of the body through cold temperature.

This method injures the fat cells, prompting the body’s inflammatory response that results in the death of these cells.

This treatment is approved to treat fat deposits in the following areas:


Who Should Get This Treatment?

This procedure is safe and highly recommended to all, except for pregnant women, people suffering from obesity, who have severe dermatitis, skin lesions and varicose veins.

It should not be done on an individual with a cut or injury on the targeted area. People with abnormal cold sensitivity are also not suitable patients.

Body Shaping 101

This procedure helps shape the body by addressing specific areas with little to no weight loss result. It does not usually aid in weight loss, as it only reshapes an area of the body.

It offers the same benefits as fat freezing but with a different approach. Body shaping may be your option to achieve the following goals:


Who Should Get This Treatment?

The same restriction applies as fat freezing.


Fat freezing and body shaping may be two different treatments but both offer the same result, fat reduction.

It is very important to choose a wellness clinic that offers the safest procedure for you. Talk to your trusted skin healthcare professional for a recommendation.