Curious how an EMS machine helps shape the body? A lot of people are now turning to this body sculpting technology not for just aesthetics, but also for health reasons.

It has the benefits of doing exercise without breaking a sweat. Regular EMS users have seen improvements in their physique because the equipment aids in muscle building and fat loss.

So how exactly does EMS machines work on a cellular level? Let’s look into the science on how it accelerates your physical transformation.

The Science of EMS

The EMS makes your muscles contract by stimulating their motor neurons. Mostly used in spas and clinics, you can also purchase your own machine that you can use at home. 

Unlike regular exercise, an EMS machine generates muscle contractions without involving your nervous system—instead, the machine uses electrical impulse. Your body will not notice the difference and will only react to its stimulus.

There’s no limit when it comes to the activation and increase in active tissue mass (ATM) since it bypasses the energy of the body. Therefore, it offers a lot of potential for people’s body shaping goals.

Aside from muscle building, it also boosts the number of calories you burn. The muscles underneath your subcutaneous fat are fortified, leading to an increase in your basal metabolic rate (BMR), both during and after a session.

EMS on Workouts

You can use the EMS machine without exercise, but it is also beneficial to enhance your performance on exercises. Depending on the program configuration, you can use it to enhance your endurance or apply more resistance to your training.

Using an EMS machine is beneficial before, during and after workouts. It helps increase blood flow to the muscles as you warm up before performing strenuous activities. It can also help in cooling down your muscles by sending a signal to your body that you are close to finishing a workout session.

EMS can also support in recovery and pain management. You can use it to recover from injuries; just simply turn it on while you do your regular activities at home.

Difference between EMS and TENS

An EMS machine and a TENS device are not the same thing. A TENS unit gives “transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation”. Using a small frequency, it stimulates the nerves of pain management. On the other hand, EMS focuses on muscle stimulation for strength through the use of a higher frequency.

While they are not the same, there are stimulator machines on the market that offer both EMS and TENS functions, giving you the option to utilise either frequency in one machine.

How long before you see results using EMS?

Given that everyone has a different body type, it’s hard to put a specific timeframe on when you can see the results. In addition, there are other factors to consider such as overall health, metabolism, age, etc.

However, a study was conducted in 2015 that showed positive effects to its female participants after 6 weeks. The said group had an improvement on their body mass index, total body fat percentage, waist circumference and subcutaneous fat after receiving 30-minute sessions 3 times a week.