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Losing weight and getting in shape can be a challenge, but with the help of the Estello-V Fat Freezing Device, it’s easier than ever before. This fat reduction procedure is clinically proven to contour the body by safely and effectively freezing unwanted fat. In addition, you can typically return to normal activities immediately after treatment, making it a convenient and easy way to achieve your desired body shape. Fat freezing is also a great option for those not interested in surgery or who don’t have time for downtime.

Fat freezing is a non-surgical, non-invasive treatment that reduces unwanted fat on various areas of your body. With additional sessions, you can expect to see even better outcomes. Your doctor will work with you to develop an individualised therapy plan based on your unique needs. The fat cells are crystallised (frozen) and then destroyed. Your body naturally removes fat and dead cells from your body over time, resulting in a more defined you. The Cryolipolysis treatment is a procedure that uses controlled cooling to target and eliminates only these fat cells, which is used by Estello V.

Benefits of Fat freezing

This particular method of Body Shaping is much better than other options available in the market; the reasons are:

  • First, the fat dissipates quicker with such a procedure.
  • The treatment might take up to two to three weeks, and results will be visible in just the following couple of weeks.
  • These results come without using any pills, workout routines or changes in diet.
  • Due to the crystallisation, the destroyed cells will not store fat again.
  • Finally, there are hardly any side effects associated with the Fat freezing procedure.
  • In extreme cold sensitivity, redness or bruising at the treatment area, these usually subside within a few days.
  • Once the change is caused, the treated areas will continue to slim down over the following months to make your results look completely natural.
  • The person undergoing such treatments has to make no lifestyle changes, such as avoiding caffeine, alcohol or tobacco, to experience the results.
  • Even people with tight schedules can go for this procedure as it might take seconds to minutes for the person to undergo treatment.
  • The Fat freezing device is TGA cleared and completely safe to use.


Fat freezing is a non-surgical treatment that reduces unwanted fat in various areas of your body. After the fat cells are crystallised (frozen), your body naturally removes dead fat cells from your body over time, resulting in a more defined you; apart from the targeted cells, no internal organ or the outer skin will be affected, thus making the Cryolipolysis method completely safe to utilise.

If you are looking for permanent fat loss, then fat freezing/cool sculpting is the perfect treatment to go for. Whether inspiring your inner soul or enhancing your confidence level, losing the extra fat is very important, and we are sure this treatment will help you achieve both. So contact us today to schedule your consultation with our experts, who will work with you to create an individualised therapy plan based on what works best for YOU!

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